Verizon to enforce 2GB plus usage throttling

Bruce Goldie warns that enforcement will ultimately take place regarding the network optimization plan set forth earlier this year by Verizon Wireless.

Hereafter, mobile broadband speeds of the Verizon CDMA 3G Network’s 5% heaviest users will be reduced or ‘throttled’ when or where their usage is occurring in a congested or heavily used local cell site.  According to Verizon, the throttle may potentially be effective up to two billing cycles. That will depend, however, on the extent of data consumption.
Verizon pegs the top 5% of its CDMA 3G Network users as those whose data usage in a single billing cycle meets or exceeds 2GB. An initial warning will be issued when approaching the threshold. Users can check their own usage by accessing their online account.  Verizon did not disclose the exact throttled speeds. Consumers utilizing Verizon’s Long Term Evolution 4G Network will not be affected by the change.  The sudden policy enforcement, says Verizon, is needed to assure all customers are granted equitable voice/data service access.

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