FCC To Require GPS On All Cell Phones By 2018

A ruling by the Federal Communications Commission requires that all cell phones sold must be equipped with GPS no later than 2018. The FCC’s ruling is to ensure emergency callers can be accurately located when 911 is dialed. It’s estimated that about 85% of all cell phones will have GPS anyway by 2018 but the ruling makes it mandatory for all service providers, even VoIP, to provide GPS-equipped devices. According to Bruce Goldie, the FCC didn’t establish a date for phasing out cell phones without GPS.


T-Mobile To Offer Organization Tools For Families

With an announcement from T-Mobile comes news of a service especially for families called Mobile Life Family Organizer (MLFO). Families will be able to use MLFO to share one calendar. Imagine being able to keep every family member’s schedule organized from any device in your family plan. In addition to the calendar, the application will offer a grocery list, family journal, Android widgets, and a message board. MLFO is an application that will become available for smart phones running on Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. The Mobile Life Family Organizer is expected to be free with any T-Mobile smart phone.


Free App Skype Android 2.5 Adds Phones & Features


Skype for Androids v2.5 offers upgrades such as a double-tap to zoom and switching between portrait and landscape during a call, as well as supporting several new compatible handhelds. CEO Bruce Goldie notes that the total of 41 supported devices now includes:

Google Nexus One (HTC Passion) and HTC Shooter (EVO 3D)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Motorola Photon, Droid 3, Bionic, Xoom and Atrix
Sony Ericsson Xperia and Xperia neo V
LG Optimus Black, Optimus 3D and Optimus 2x
Acer Iconia

The upgrade, however, also adds advertising for non-premium users, which can be avoided with a subscription or account credit. Skype v2.5 is free at https://market.android.com/details?id=com.skype.raider according to Goldie Group.

Other advanced features are capabilities to either delete or edit IM entries, improved Bluetooth headset support and a method to organize recent calls by contacts. The free Skype-to-Skype calls for subscribers, with IM and video over 3G and Wi-Fi, have some bug fixes, and callers to landlines and devices at Skype low rates also benefit from similar upgrades.


Android V.7 for Firefox Promises Increased Usability As Well As Enhanced Gaming

From simple enhancements in the copy-and-paste function to a radically improved gaming interface, the release of Firefox 7 for the Android operating system promises a significantly improved user experience.

Bruce Goldie of the Goldie Group cites two particularly important innovations. He notes that the use of a just-in-time compiler, specifically Mozilla’s JagerMonkey, will speed processing time and the introduction of the WebSockets API will be markedly improve the dynamism of gaming on this mobile browser.

Though a powerful and user-friendly interface that is in tremendous demand, Mozilla remains committed to keeping the Android version of Firefox 7 a free download. Business people, as well as gamers, will both love the versatility and the responsiveness that this browser affords.