Verizon to enforce 2GB plus usage throttling

Bruce Goldie warns that enforcement will ultimately take place regarding the network optimization plan set forth earlier this year by Verizon Wireless.

Hereafter, mobile broadband speeds of the Verizon CDMA 3G Network’s 5% heaviest users will be reduced or ‘throttled’ when or where their usage is occurring in a congested or heavily used local cell site.  According to Verizon, the throttle may potentially be effective up to two billing cycles. That will depend, however, on the extent of data consumption.
Verizon pegs the top 5% of its CDMA 3G Network users as those whose data usage in a single billing cycle meets or exceeds 2GB. An initial warning will be issued when approaching the threshold. Users can check their own usage by accessing their online account.  Verizon did not disclose the exact throttled speeds. Consumers utilizing Verizon’s Long Term Evolution 4G Network will not be affected by the change.  The sudden policy enforcement, says Verizon, is needed to assure all customers are granted equitable voice/data service access.

Sprint Changes Policies

If you are looking to exchange your cell phone, you should be warned that Sprint has confirmed changes to their exchange policies. Starting September 16th, the time frame for exchanging phones and services has been changed from 30-days to 14-days. These changes come shortly after those made by Sprint’s mobile competitors such as Verizon Wireless. In addition to time change, Sprint has also done away with its “Free Guarantee” program which allowed customers a free trial with no risk of being charged for their usage.

With the new policy changes, customers will have 14 days to try out service, accessories, and upgrades. Without the “Free Guarantee”, the user will receive a bill for the minutes and data used during their 14 day trial. Unless changes are made within the 14 day trial, customers will automatically be locked in a contract which cannot be changed without bringing about penalities.

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Sprint Delays Release of Blackberry Curve 9350

Research by Bruce Goldie of Goldie Group. In an unexpected turn of events, Sprint has just revealed to the surprised of its customers, via their support forums, that the long-awaited Blackberry Curve 9350 will not be coming out on its original launch date of September 9th. It is unknown why Sprint has scrapped their original plans for releasing the highly anticipated smart phone, though they did cite “unexpected circumstances” as one of the key problems. Instead, the telecommunications company plans to delay the launch until an undisclosed time in October. No other reasons have been given for the delay, although there are many interesting theories currently brewing around the blogosphere. More details will be given as they are released on Sprint’s official support forums. For now, Sprint customers can take solace in the fact that there are still 2 very feature-rich Blackberry phones which are currently available for purchase on the company’s website and in many stores.


The New Samsung Note

There is a new player being introduced today by Samsung; the Note, which cannot be classified as a smartphone or a tablet.

This is due to the smart engineering performed by the electronics giant which includes a huge 5.3 inch display that features a 1200 x 800 HD display using Super AMOLED technology. With the inclusion of the oversized display, users can actually have two applications open at the same time. This is possible due to the fact that Android apps can operate in split screen mode instead of taking up the entire screen.

Purchasers will also have access to the proprietary Samsung S Pen software program which means that they will be able to interact with this device. This can include the inputting of characters, writing with a special pen or simply capturing the display screen.

As with many other popular communication devices, the Note will be running Android 2.3 Gingerbread (with included TouchWiz) and has social media capability as well with the brand new ChatOn software for instant messaging. There are many other features of this model that will please users and these include among other things a dual core 1.4 GHz process, Wi-Fi capability, a 1080p hd video camera, Bluetooth, GPS, a digital compass and an 8 megapixel camera for taking still photos. The built in technology also includes quad band GSM/EDGE as well as the capability to use quad band between 850 to 2100 HSPA running at an amazing 21 Mbps!

According to the manufacturer, the note will also have LTE, but a Samsung spokesman did not mention the spectrum of operation the radio will use. There has been a lot of planning for the Note to include a ton of business features for professionals on the go. At this time Samsung has not released pricing or availability for this device.


New ChatON service for Samsung

In a statement released by Reuters today, Samsung Electronics Company has released a new tool in its efforts to bring more consumers to their wireless handsets. The tool in question is called ‘ChatOn’, and Samsung hopes that this will challenge rivals such as Blackberry maker Resarch in Motion (R.I.M) and Apple.

The ChatON service will be avaliable preinstalled on all Samsung feature phones starting in October, and will also be avaliable on mobile phones running Samsung’s bada operating system. The ChatOn service is also reported to be Android friendly, with downloads of it becomming avaliable on the Android store parallel to the release on Samsung phones.

Interestingly enough, this is Samsung’s first foray into the already crowded mobile messaging market, and consumers fear that this may remove revenue from other profitable text messaging services. Telecom carriers also have the same fear, worrying about their own profits as well.

Apple, a company typically known for its ingenuity and innovation, has yet to release a mobile mssaging system. However, reports have now shown that in late 2011 they will release iMessage, which will allow the hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad users to send messages at no cost. These messages, as Reuters reports, will be sent over the users own internet connection, which takes aim at both Blackberry Messenger and Samsungs new ChatON service.

Samsung’s ‘ChatON’ service is reported to work with all major smartphone platforms. These include both iPhone and Blackberry, and will give users the ability to send text and images as well as notes and video clips.

Though no official statement has been released by Samsung, the industry suspects that once ChatON is offered to Android phone users, it could become a strong competitor to the Blackberry Messaging Service.