New ChatON service for Samsung

In a statement released by Reuters today, Samsung Electronics Company has released a new tool in its efforts to bring more consumers to their wireless handsets. The tool in question is called ‘ChatOn’, and Samsung hopes that this will challenge rivals such as Blackberry maker Resarch in Motion (R.I.M) and Apple.

The ChatON service will be avaliable preinstalled on all Samsung feature phones starting in October, and will also be avaliable on mobile phones running Samsung’s bada operating system. The ChatOn service is also reported to be Android friendly, with downloads of it becomming avaliable on the Android store parallel to the release on Samsung phones.

Interestingly enough, this is Samsung’s first foray into the already crowded mobile messaging market, and consumers fear that this may remove revenue from other profitable text messaging services. Telecom carriers also have the same fear, worrying about their own profits as well.

Apple, a company typically known for its ingenuity and innovation, has yet to release a mobile mssaging system. However, reports have now shown that in late 2011 they will release iMessage, which will allow the hundreds of thousands of iPhone and iPad users to send messages at no cost. These messages, as Reuters reports, will be sent over the users own internet connection, which takes aim at both Blackberry Messenger and Samsungs new ChatON service.

Samsung’s ‘ChatON’ service is reported to work with all major smartphone platforms. These include both iPhone and Blackberry, and will give users the ability to send text and images as well as notes and video clips.

Though no official statement has been released by Samsung, the industry suspects that once ChatON is offered to Android phone users, it could become a strong competitor to the Blackberry Messaging Service.


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