Bruce Goldie of Goldie Group

Bruce Goldie serves as president and CEO of the Goldie Group, an international company dedicated to bringing the best cellular and electronic products to their clients for solutions to their communications needs. In this leadership position, Bruce is responsible for developing and maintaining key strategic relationships with global cellular firms which he in turn uses to facilitate solutions to his clients’ business needs. Bruce’s passion is technology and the implementation of technology on society and culture, especially in the realm of communications for both solving clients’ problems as well as taking advantage of opportunities.

Bruce’s knowledge and vision, combined with his passion to serve his clients’ best interests, has led to his unparallelled success in the field of communications technology and the role it is taking in their growth.Bruce Goldie has more than 20 years of senior management experience in the areas of business development, technology sales, new product roll-outs, and team development responsibilities. Bruce has earned a B.A degree in Business with a minor in Accounting from Northeastern University. He has conducted graduate studies at Babson College of Finance with an emphasis on International Business. Bruce serves on several boards of directors, including that of Madison High School, an inner-city school dedicated to job and life-skills training for disadvantaged students. He has also served on the boards of Cron’s and Colitis, the American Heart Association, and Boston University Medical Center. Prior to entering the communication industry, Bruce was senior Vice President of a large financial institution in Boston, MA. Bruce looks forward to working with clients who wish to expand their businesses using the wide variety of resources he has available.


Bruce Goldie and The Goldie Group


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